Port of Newport Receives Federal TIGER Grant

By Kiera Morgan

Port of Newport General Manager Kevin Greenwood announced to the Port Board of Commissioners last night that the port was successful in receiving two million dollars from the federal government – an infrastructure investment TIGER grant from the US Department of Transportation. Greenwood said this grant will go a long way in preparing the International Terminal for operations. Greenwood said they can use this grant as leverage to help secure other grants in the future for the project. “I think this is going to be a wonderful first step in getting the rest of the funding for building the shipping facility at McLean Point. This $2 million will show the other funders that this is a serious project.”

Greenwood added that the TIGER grant is rare to receive and less than 2% of applicants actually receive this funding. The total cost of the International Terminal project is expected to be around $6.5 million. Greenwood told the port commissioners that the grant should also help in their application for the Connect Oregon Six grant, which the port is asking $4 million. The TIGER grant funds can also be used as the 30 percent match for the Connect Oregon grant. The commission approved providing a letter of support for the Connect Oregon application, which is due in November. When completed the improvements to McLean Point and the terminal will increase imports and exports benefiting the entire state.