15-Year Old Arrested For Making Threats To “Shoot Up The School”

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On Tuesday October 20th at approximately 9:15 PM, a Taft High School student and parent contacted the Lincoln City Police Department regarding possible threats of harm to students attending Taft High School. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that a group of high school students were in an internet chat room earlier in the evening. During the chat, a male student at Taft reportedly made specific threats of harm towards the student reporting the incident. The male student also allegedly threatened to bring a gun and “shoot up the school”.

The male student was identified and interviewed. At the conclusion of the interview, the student was taken into custody and transported to the Juvenile Detention facility in Newport. The 15 year old is being charged with Coercion – Criminal Threats, Telephonic Harassment, Intimidation in the 2nd Degree, and Disorderly Conduct. The Lincoln City Police Department was working through the evening with Taft School officials and officials from the Lincoln County School District. As a result of the investigation and making an arrest, it was determined that the subject was no longer an immediate threat at the school. School was open  as scheduled.

Additional district staff where on site providing support and working closely with police in their ongoing investigation. The Lincoln City Police Department and Lincoln County School District take threats against our students and schools seriously. Although an arrest was made, the investigation is on-going. If anyone has additional information they are encouraged to contact the Lincoln City Police Department at 541-994-3636.

Information provided by Lincoln City police and Lincoln County School District

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