Depoe Bay Citizens Unhappy With Loss Of Free Post Office Boxes

Post Office BoxesPhoto by Larry Coonrod

By Kiera Morgan

Theresa Werner the Depoe Bay postmaster spoke to the Depoe Bay city council regarding issues she has been having with citizens of Depoe Bay who are upset about losing free post office boxes. There was time when Depoe Bay citizens were unable to receive mail delivery to their door so postal services at that time gave residents a free post office box. She explained that now the postal service is able to deliver mail to residents and they have two contract mail carriers in the city, but there are still some tough areas to deliver to.

Werner reported to the City Council “citizens who have been told that they must now pay for their PO Box in Depoe Bay have been very upset. I have even received death threats that I have reported to the Sheriff’s office.” She explained the postal service has provided free PO boxes for up to 300 citizens in Depoe Bay, who are now being asked to pay the $50 a year price for a PO Box. She said a central delivery point could provide free service for residents such as setting up boxes on Lillian Lane. Werner said “This would be a perfect spot for customers to set up their own cluster of mailboxes to receive free mail service. It would also work very well for the mail carriers to service both northbound and southbound customers at no cost.”

Councilor Jo Fisher Brown told Werner that Lillian Lane was not a good option as the area has not been developed yet and would be an inconvenience to citizens. She also stated that she has received a lot of complaints from citizens about the manner that this issue has been handled by the Post Office. Some citizens said they have stopped receiving their mail altogether when their free post office box was cancelled. The council agreed that they didn’t want to have cluster boxes throughout the city, except perhaps in a new development area. The council agreed to send a letter to the district postal office regarding their concerns from citizens and see if the free mail boxes grandfathered in could still be allowed.

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  1. Right across the street from city hall are 5 neighborhood mailbox units.

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