Project To Put In A Stage At Regatta Grounds Moves Closer To Reality

Regatta Stage

By Kiera Morgan

Lincoln City was selected to participate in the Ford Institute Leadership Program. The Ford Family Foundation has provided leadership training for three different cohorts. The first cohort began meeting in 2011. Each cohort is charged with creating a project that is good for the community that is a tribute to the leadership skills the group has attained. The first cohort project was to put a stage up at Regatta Park. The idea was hatched in early 2012.

The group met with an architect to design a covered gazebo stage and went through the planning process. Nicki Price, who is in the first cohort said even though they did fundraisers and planned everything out they came up against some roadblocks when it came time to do the project and didn’t have enough money to get it going. There were several fundraisers and bricks that were sold that would go into the landscaping to get the project started.

The Ford Family Foundation matched that amount for a total budget of $12,000. This however was not enough to get the project off the ground. So it was delayed. Now according to Price they are back at it once again thanks to a generous donation from the Morgan family, owners of the Kenny’s IGA stores in Lincoln City. The stage will now be called “The Morgan Family Stage at Regatta Grounds Park”. The donation was from the children of Lucille and Kenny as a memorial to their parents. Those interested in donating or buying a commemorative brick can contact Price at 541-994-9994.