Retired Judge Charles Littlehales Passes

Littlehalescourtesy photo

It is with regret we announce that retired Circuit Court Judge Charles Littlehales passed away last night (7/12) at his home. His career spanned 42 years starting as DA, then District Court Judge, then Circuit Judge. Judge Littlehales retired at the end of his elected term in 2012. He was well known and respected by many. Our thoughts are with his wife Patti.

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  1. I always had so much respect for the work Charles did and I’m sure he made and excellent judge. He was a great guy growing up in grade school and high school. He seemed so happy with Patty. They shared many good years for sure. Linda Opdenweyer Lewis. Seattle, WA

  2. J. Ackenjill | July 14, 2015 at 6:54 pm |

    He was a chauvinistic Judge who allowed others to financially devastate a lot of women through divorce court. I left an abusive man and Littlehales gave over 80% of everything I’d ever worked for in my life, to that man. It was through him that I learned there is no such thing as justice. He also protected a violent kidnapper and rapist by not allowing a case to be brought to court–later, under another Judge, the case was allowed and the man was convicted and the community cheered.

  3. Brett A. Quick | July 17, 2015 at 11:36 pm |

    He was a wonderful person. I will miss him dearly. If you had met him, you would understand.

    Please be kind..

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