LCSO Tip Of The Week – Lincoln County Search And Rescue

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Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Tip of the Week for July 11, 2015 – Lincoln County Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue (SAR) activities are a state-mandated function of your Sheriff’s Office. Our mission is to provide search and rescue assistance to the citizens and visitors of Lincoln County and mutual aid to other agencies and counties as requested. Your Lincoln County Sheriff’s SAR Team is a non-profit group of volunteers consisting of a general ground search team, three search dogs, a group from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse and in most cases teams from the local Fire and Rescue services throughout the County. This week’s tip is from all of those who assist in the search and rescue of those in need in Lincoln County.

With the archery season just one month away and the coming rifle season just after that, it is time to remind all of those who will venture into the woods to be prepared. Private timber lands are generally closed to vehicle traffic when there is a high-fire danger so people have to walk into their favorite hunting areas. Many times people venture into their favorite hunting areas unprepared for the unexpected.

Here are some tips to follow before you venture into the woods:

• Let a family member or friend know where you will be and when you plan on returning. In the event you are overdue it gives search teams an idea where to start their search.

• Carry a fully charged cell phone. There is a chance you might be able to assist in your own rescue if you can communicate with help.

• Pack for an emergency; first aide kit, flash light (extra batteries), extra clothing, provisions (food and water) for up to two days, a good map of the area, a compass, a signal mirror, space blankets, a whistle, rope or parachute cord, a knife and matches.

• Ensure that whoever is anticipating your return, calls us if you fail to show up within a reasonable time after your designated return time. They shouldn’t wait for a couple of hours to pass.

You may never need to use these items, but you will be very thankful you have them if the unexpected occurs.
If you encounter the unexpected and do become lost, STOP moving! It is much easier for searchers to find you if you remain in one place. Continued movement when lost can take you farther away from help.

For more information and tips, visit our website and on your Smartphone via the “MobilePatrol” app and Like us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon.