Depoe Bay Fire Beta Testing EMILY Device


By Kiera Morgan

The Depoe Bay fire district this week took delivery of the newest generation of an Emily lifesaving rescue device. Emily is a Emergency Intergrated Lifesaving Lanyard. It is a remote controlled buoy boat that can cruise through rip-currents and swift water at speeds up to 22 mph to reach distressed swimmers faster than human lifeguards and water rescue personnel. emily oceanThe new device can bring up to eight people to shore from the water. According to Depoe Bay fire chief Josh Williams they started using the Emily device about 5-years ago. “Using the remote control we can send the device out to a victim in the water allowing them to grab onto the device tethered to a 2,000 foot rope allowing us to pull the victim(s) back to safety.” He said Depoe Bay is the only fire department in Oregon utilizing the Emily device. In 2010 they were also the first in the world to use Emily for a water rescue of a father and son off the Oregon Coast. The company that created Emily has been working on improvements to the hull and deck along with a new motor and battery. Depoe Bay is beta testing the device for Hydronolix. The remote controlled buoy Williams said is perfect for rescue conditions on the Oregon Coast.

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  1. Dellcrancher | July 3, 2015 at 5:19 pm |

    What a great idea, it’s almost fantastic, instead of pissing our money away on stoopid space projects, a few more fundings to bring devices like this into service surly would be grand…

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